New7Wonders Cities

New7Wonders Cities officially announced in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

New7Wonders Cities is the third global vote organized by New7Wonders and follows the successful New7Wonders of the World and New7Wonders of Nature campaigns. “New7Wonders Cities will be a forum for discussing everything from urban planning to metropolitan governance, from tourism to architecture,” said Bernard Weber, Founder-President of New7Wonders, launching the campaign in 2012.

The great historical cities of Jerusalem, Venice and Kyoto, and the alpha world cities of London, New York, Mumbai and Shanghai, have enriched human society immeasurably. Newer metropolitan areas, from Dubai to Seoul to Cape Town to Sao Paulo, have become magnets for millions of people, and megacities that most of the world is not even aware of are sprouting across Asia and Africa. For the first time in history, a majority of the global population now lives in cities and New7Wonders Cities is the platform that enables you to vote for the 7 that are simply the best.

The infographic below shows the voting phases. Have a look to the results on the New7Wonders Cities Website.

Voting Phases and current status

Nomination Phase

1.during 2012

  • The global vote for New7Wonders Cities starts with more than 1200+ nominees from 220+ different countries.
Qualification Phase

2.up to 7 Oct, 2013

  • More than 300 cities qualify for this phase (one per country plus the top 77 voted).

3.7 Oct – 21 Oct, 2013

Finalist phases

4.21 Oct, 2013 – 7 Dec, 2014

  • Voting for New7Wonders Cities Finalists continues across
    three phases:
  • 28-21 phase
    21 Oct 2013 – 7 July 2014
  • 21-14 phase
    7 July 2014 – 7 Oct 2014
  • 14-7 phase
    7 Oct 2014 – 7 Dec 2014