New7Wonders News Room

Singing for Yushan

An album of 15 songs has been released to celebrate the participation of Yushan in the New7Wonders of Nature.


Vietnam celebrates Hanoi and Halong Bay

The capital city of Vietnam is celebrating its thousand year anniversary, making it one of the oldest cities in the world, and at the same time is inviting the world to vote for Halong Bay.


The Sundarbans: music stars rock the vote

A nine-hour mega musical event takes place to support the vote for one of the New7Wonders Finalists. The ”Concert for Sundarbans” rocks the crowds in Bangladesh.


A royal vote for Bu Tinah Island

The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi has voted for Bu Tinah Island to become one of the New7Wonders of Nature. His is the first public royal vote in this campaign, joining the likes of the King of Spain and Queen of Jordan who previously voted for the New 7 Wonders of the World.


700 balloons and one message to the world

A spectacular display of 700 balloons was released by some very excited children recently, set free to fly across the Cliffs of Moher in an appeal to the world to vote for it to become one of the Official New7Wonders of Nature.


A giant telephone to vote for Table Mountain

The national Minister of Tourism was the first person to use the new SMS voting service available in South Africa. Also a historic first as SMS voting for Table Mountain will be accepted in the six main South African languages, including Zulu, Xhosa and Afrikaans.

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