Interesting questions and answers

What does New7Wonders give to the world?

New7Wonders makes four major contributions to the world:

1. Organising the worldwide New7Wonders campaigns.

Organising, producing, financing and hosting these historic and very first ever global participation campaigns. Giving citizens of our planet an opportunity to create a consensus on 7 symbols of unity, respecting and honouring the diversity of our world.

2. Immediate benefit: Economic contribution made by New7Wonders.

New7Wonders generates significant economic benefits for its participating locations. Four independent studies (not commissioned by New7Wonders) have shown this:

(i) A study published in 2010 by Pearson of London (leading publisher of university textbooks, and of the Financial Times newspaper), where it valued the economic contribution made by the first campaign to elect the man-made New 7 Wonders of the World as being in excess of US$ 5 billion worth of tourism, economic and promotional value. Please click here to download the attachment.

(ii) A study published in 2011 by Grant Thornton of South Africa, which values the economic benefits of being successful in the New7Wonders of Nature as generating US$1.012 billion in the first five years alone for each winner (to which one can add the significant value of promotional and brand image which has not been included in this valuation).

(iii) A study published in 2011 by JDI of South Korea, which values the economic and tourims benefits of being successful in the New7Wonders of Nature as generating for each winner US$1.837 billion per annum.

(iv) A study published in 2013 by Fundación Mediterránea of Argentina cites the “wonder effect”, where the chosen locations all around the world, and without exception, show significantly higher tourism growth rates compared with worldwide average tourism growth.

These four studies show how New7Wonders is an extraordinarily positive force in the world, bringing people together using modern, direct, interactive media, and in the end through this generating real economic plus-value

3. Connecting the world: Stimulating online empowerment

Through its positive and popular campaigns, New7Wonders stimulates online empowerment in the world, both in developing countries (where people are obtaining their first e-mail addresses and going online for the first time in their life, by voting for the New7Wonders campaigns) as well as so-called developed countries (where both the older non-digitalised generation as well as the very young are also joining the online world for the first time through New7Wonders voting).

4. Long-term objective: The New7Wonders Foundation mission of Global Memory.

Once we generate a surplus from our commercial activities, we have pledged to donate 50% of our surplus, when this is achieved, towards the objectives of the Foundation. The Foundation objectives are not restoration or other similar initiatives, although the economic benefits created by (2) above will allow governments and public authorities to have the funds to do this themselves, and indeed this is something we expect them to do – to honour the fact that these locations have been chosen as wonders. The objectives of the New7Wonders Foundation are towards Global Memory, which is explained in more detail on this page.

Who is Bernard Weber?

Bernard Weber is the Founder and President of New7Wonders. Please see this page for more information.

How is New7Wonders organised? Is it a Foundation or a commercial operation?

New7Wonders is both: a Foundation and a commercial operation. The New7Wonders organisation and movement is based on a similar structure to other major international events, such as the International Olympic Committee or FIFA, which are also very popular, with positive objectives while being commercially managed. At the heart of New7Wonders is the officially Swiss-registered not-for-profit Foundation, the New7Wonders Foundation, whose original mission is to organise the global voting campaign and to ensure the objectives are met. Swiss Foundation regulations are some of the most respected in the world, which is why many foundations and sporting bodies are based in that country. As with other Foundations, who cannot themselves by statute operate commercially, New7Wonders has formally transferred the commercial operation to its licensing company, NewOpenWorld Corporation, which then runs the commercial aspects to ensure the costs are covered and a surplus is generated by the end of the two campaigns. The best comparable example, which is of course much older than New7Wonders, is the National Geographic Foundation and the National Geographic companies. The National Geographic companies are a commercial business, which then shares some of their surplus with the National Geographic Foundation. In other words, one needs to operate commercially to ensure costs and revenues are intelligently managed, so that donations towards the Foundation can be generated.

What is the difference between New7Wonders and all the other lists of wonders?

New7Wonders are the first global voting campaigns creating democratic participation and worldwide consensus. For many hundreds of years there have been lists of wonders, seven or more. Newspapers and magazines often publish lists. Sometimes academic organisations and scientific groups announce their own lists. Travel companies suggest the seven places you should visit. TV programmes have been produced on world wonders. Web content and navigation initiatives such as the world wonders project provide a lot of information on the many hundreds of marvellous places in our world. However, the fundamental difference with New7Wonders is this: for the first time in history, people from all over the world are enabled thanks to the N7W Global Voting Platform ( and N7W telephony) to choose the New7Wonders. By casting hundreds of millions of votes the world’s people are creating canons of 7 wonders. With this the New7Wonders are a truly unique representation of the world’s consensus, and therefore these canons of 7 become part of Global Memory – the 7 that everyone can and will remember – our legacy for future generations remembering the beginning of the third Millennium.

What authority does New7Wonders have?

The principal authority of New7Wonders comes from its own activities. Through the first-ever global vote with the man-made New7Wonders of the World, the second global campaign to elect the New7Wonders of Nature, and the current New7Wonders Cities campaign, New7Wonders benefits from the legitimacy of its voters and participants around the world. Over 600 million votes to date makes New7Wonders the de facto worldwide authority on the election of the new world wonders.

Does New7Wonders collaborate with the UN?

New7Wonders has in the past collaborated with the United Nations, specifically with the United Nations Office For Partnerships in New York. Please also see New7Wonders and the United Nations Office For Partnerships are looking at exploring opportunities to empower the people of the world, for example through such initiatives as the New7Wonders Global Voting Platform to promote the UN Millennium Goals.

Does New7Wonders work with Unesco?

In one word: no. New7Wonders is not in partnership with Unesco, and does not request nor seek the endorsement of Unesco, nor vice-versa. There is a very good reason for this: due to Unesco’s specific and defined remit of cataloguing and listing hundreds of world heritage locations, without being seen to favour some over others, Unesco according to its status does not have the authority to officially organise or endorse a popular and mediatic initiative such as New7Wonders.

What are New7Wonders sources of revenue? How is all this paid for?

In our first campaign, for the man-made New 7 Wonders of the World, we received funding from two principal sources: telephone voting and the license fee for our historical Official Declaration event in Lisbon on 7 July 2007. In the second and third campaigns, for the New7Wonders of Nature and New7Wonders Cities, our sources of revenues are telephone voting and license fees from companies who became Official Supporter sponsors of the Finalists. The model of sponsorship is a well recognised system used for events around the world. In terms of telephone voting, there is a small cost contribution that each caller makes when using the telephone voting service (a service they are free to decide to use or not), and this means that each of these telephone votes also helps to support the worldwide New7Wonders campaign that makes all this possible. At the same time, online voting via is funded by New7Wonders (as we fund the costs of the website, the servers and online traffic, the global voting platform, etc.) so that it can be entirely free to use for the voter.

What happens to the costs, revenues and surplus?

New7Wonders exists without any form of taxpayer subsidy or bureaucratic burden on the public purse. In these challenging economic times, this is a positive virtue. It also guarantees the independence of New7Wonders from any kind of government interference or lobbying. Instead, New7Wonders funds itself via private sources such as sponsorship, the licensing rights to its events, and interactive telephone revenues. The funds that the NewOpenWorld Corporation receives through its licensing and commercial partnerships are used as follows: (i) To set up and run the global New7Wonders voting platform, (ii) To run the first campaign that chose the man-made New 7 Wonders of the World, (iii) To run the second campaign electing the New7Wonders of Nature, (iv) To run the third campaign New7Wonders Cities, (v) To run the New7Wonders organization. All the above are, once again, done without any form of tax or public fund subsidy. Once the campaigns have been completed, the aim is to create a surplus for distribution as described above.

In summary, what are the key interesting aspects about New7Wonders?

    • New7Wonders is a positive, global campaign that brings people together for a common initiative;
    • New7Wonders makes an immediate multi- billion US$ contribution to the global economy;
    • New7Wonders stimulates online empowerement to bring people into the global digital community;
    • New7Wonders has long-term goals via its Foundation, and runs its operation commercially via its licensing company to ensure these can be achieved;
    • New7Wonders funds the cost of the entire worldwide campaigns, allowing for free voting anywhere in the world;
    • Does all this without any public subsidies;
    • Instead funds itself via the private sector, using innovative methods such as telephone voting, sponsorship, events and licensing;
    • New7Wonders has created these campaigns that benefit the world, on its own initiative, with its own financial risk, following the inspiring and positive vision of the Founder Bernard Weber.