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Our natural world as an OLED globe

Look behind a television screen, a computer monitor or a mobile phone display and you’ll find an OLED. A what? An Organic Light Emitting Diode, that’s what. Simply put, an OLED is a light-emitting diode (LED) in which a film of organic compounds emit light in response to an electric current. The technology was in […] Read More →


Happy birthday Twitter!

What began five years ago today has become, along with e-mail and the web, one of the most useful aspects of the internet.


Remembering and restoring the Buddhas of Bamiyan

In the aftermath of the destruction of the statues, an international project, initiated by Bernard Weber on behalf of the New7Wonders Foundation, undertook preliminary work on the reconstruction of the larger statue, which once stood 55 metres tall.


Telephone voting now enabled for all 28 Finalists

”This means anyone with a telephone or mobile phone, from anywhere in the world, can call one of our dedicated phone lines and vote for their chosen Finalist in the New7Wonders of Nature.”


New7Wonders website in Global Top 200!

From the beginning of June to the middle of July 2007, The New7Wonders website was one of the 200 most-visited websites worldwide and it remains a very popular online destination today. From the…

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