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Jetman flies over the Grand Canyon

In his custom-built jet suit, Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy completed a dramatic flight over the Grand Canyon, one of the 28 Finalists in the New7Wonders of Nature campaign. The flight lasted some eight minutes, reaching heights of 70 metres above the canyon rim, before the “Jetman” parachuted to the ground. The daredevil pilot said that […] Read More →


The ‘JetMan’ plans to fly through the Grand Canyon

Swiss aviator Yves Rossy has chosen the Grand Canyon, one of the New7Wonders of Nature Finalists, as the location of his first US flight using jet-powered wings that are attached to his back. The “JetMan”, who is famous for his successful flights across Lake Geneva and the English Channel, will make his historic US flight […] Read More →


New theory about the origins of the Grand Canyon

How exactly was the Grand Canyon formed? The question has been hotly debated by canyon geologists in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico for more than a century. Now, according to the LiveScience website, new research suggests that the gigantic canyon’s origins might be more recent than originally thought. And the Grand Canyon might have […] Read More →


Grand Canyon threatened by mining activity

More than 8,000 gold and uranium mining claims have been staked on public land around the Grand Canyon since 2004, an increase of 2,000 percent, the Pew Environmental Group says. As prices for precious metals continue to rise, mining claims near the Grand Canyon and other natural landmarks are soaring, according to a report (available […] Read More →


Preserving Grand Canyon National Park

With more than four million visitors a year, the park faces by many difficult issues when it comes to handling them while also preserving the region’s natural, cultural and historic resources.

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