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New7Wonders Founder-President calls for conversation

Bernard Weber

Bernard Weber, the Founder-President of New7Wonders, is calling for a conversation about the work of the organization in a video message posted on YouTube. He’s urging internet users the world over to use Moderator, the YouTube function that allows people to ask questions in text and video form, to engage with him regarding the challenges and opportunities facing New7Wonders. Questions about the goals of the organization will be as welcome as those about the meaning of Global Memory.

“Early next year, in January, I will answer the first round of questions and I do hope that many of you take this opportunity to have direct contact with me”, said Weber, speaking from his office in the Heidi Weber Museum in Zurich, Switzerland.

New7Wonders Founder-President calls for conversation

Moderator: Follow this link now to use Moderator to ask Bernard Weber your question in text or video form.

Commenting on Bernard Weber’s appeal for a conversation with the global community, Eamonn Fitzgerald, Head of Communication at New7Wonders, said: “In this time of rapid technological change, new media channels offer organizations like New7Wonders exciting opportunities to communicate with a global audience, and by combining a call for questions with an invitation to pose them using Moderator New7Wonders is reaching out in an interactive, open way to people everywhere who would like to know more about our work.”

Fitzgerald pointed out that the use of YouTube and Moderator does not mean that New7Wonders is ignoring or avoiding traditional media in its efforts to get its message a wider public. “Journalists are very welcome to use Moderator to question Bernard Weber, too,” said Fitzgerald, who added that if this outreach helped contribute to fair and balanced treatment of New7Wonders in the media it would encourage more organizations to follow a similar strategy.

New7Wonders is now open for questions.